Co-organized conferences

The Center hosts two annual conferences per year:

  • Current Trends in Computational Chemistry (CCTCC), since 1992 (view, web-site, archive).
  • Southern School on Computational Chemistry and Materials Science (SSCCMS), since 2001
    (view, archive).

In addition, an important part of the Center’s outreach is co-organizing conferences and workshops focusing on the latest developments in computational molecular and materials science. Check the latest co-organized activities here.

Co-organized conferences, workshops

    • November 16 – 17, 2015
      “Nanomanipulation of Atoms and Molecules using STM: Experiment and Modelization” workshop
      Jackson State University | Jackson, MS

    • November 12 – 13, 2012
      “Nanomanipulation of Atoms and Molecules using STM: Experiment and Theory” workshop
      Jackson State University | Just Hall of Science | conference room G-034