Welcome to the Interdisciplinary Center for Nanotoxicity!

For more than 15 years since the Interdisciplinary Center for Nanotoxicity was founded in 1998, the constant goal has been to build a diverse community of researchers, educators, and students who appreciate research opportunities created to address environmental and health hazards of nanomaterials.

As the Director of this Center, I proudly continue this pursuit of international excellence in the area of nanomaterials. We take great pride in the past and present successes of our faculty members, post-doctoral associates, and students. Their innovations in chemistry, biology, physics, and engineering have helped make the world a better place.

We have learned through the history of asbestos disaster that we can do so much more to develop new technologies to make the entire world safer and more environmentally friendly. The Center develops new approaches to enhance knowledge related to nanomaterials, their practical applications, and environmental effects. It is anticipated that the implementation of the above-stated studies provides new insights into the mechanisms of the toxic action of nanomaterials, as well as relevant scientific information for making informed decisions regarding the cost-effective management of nanomaterials. It also provides an excellent opportunity to train undergraduate and graduate students in the emerging area of nanotoxicology.

We welcome you to join us in pursuing this great challenge!