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The International Conference on Current Trends in Computational Chemistry will gather plenary lectures by prominent invited speakers who have made significant contributions to the field of computational and quantum chemistry. It will also provide the opportunity to all members of our community, researchers, and students, to present and discuss their work through several poster sessions. Contributions in all areas of methods development and applications in theoretical chemistry are welcome. The format consists of a series of invited plenary lectures and poster presentations covering applications as well as theory.

Presentation titles (click here to view)

  • Boosting ab-initio molecular dynamics with machine learning
    Roberto Car
    Princeton University
  • Towards a bespoke design of chiral photoswitches operating away from the global free-energy minimum
    Adriana Pietropaolo
    Università di Catanzaro, Italy
  • The devil’s triangle in KS-DFT calculations and how to fix it
    Rodney Bartlett
    University of Florida
  • The statistical mechanics of hydrogen bonding at the liquid water interface
    Adam Willard
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Post-transition State Dynamics for Organic Reactions
    Dean Tantillo
    University of California, Davis
  • Small Molecule NIR Dye Design and Understanding Made Possible with Computational Chemistry
    Jared Delcamp
    University of Mississippi
  • Tautomerism: theory and experiment playing together
    Liudmil Antonov
    Institute of Organic Chemistry with Center of Phytochemistry, Bulgaria
  • Artificial Intelligence for glass composition design: advances and remaining challenges
    Adama Tandia
    Corning Research & Development Corporation
  • Polarization in Noncovalent Interactions
    Jane Murray
    University of New Orleans
  • Computational Analysis of Electronic Effects on Structure and Reactivity: From Hybridization to Stereoelectronics to Electron Upconversion
    Igor Alabugin
    Florida State University
  • Recent Progress in Kohn-Sham Density Functional Theory and Multi-Configuration Pair-Density Functional Theory
    Don Truhlar
    University of Minnesota
  • Lessons from the past, vision for the future: Application of Nano-QSAR for design of safe nanomaterials
    Alicja Mikolajczyk
    University of Gdansk


The abstract deadline for the 27th CCTCC is October 12, 2019

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Hotel reduced rate deadline: October 20, 2019.

Venue: Hilton Hotel, Jackson, USA